LEC4: Module 7 – Four Roles of an Online Coach

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Reflect on what you learned about the Four Roles of an Online Coach in this Module. As you complete the steps below, you will be creating your own Personal Learning Plan for Online Coaching:

  1. Create a table or use a graphic organizer to develop your Personal Learning Plan for Online Coaching in your reflection journal.
  2. Feel free to use the following document as a template or guide for this activity. (link removed)
  3. Your table/graphic organizer must include the four coaching roles (instructor, social director, program manager, and technical assistant) listed/labeled from your weakest role to your strongest role.
  4. Include a table column/section in your graphic organizer that identifies the skills for each role that you believe you need to gain or strengthen.
  5. Include a table column/section in your graphic organizer that identifies for each role how you can gain or strengthen those skills.
  6. Please use your professional journal or journal you created using google docs for this entry. Please the URL to your journal so we know it is ready for us to look at. Make sure that the instructors have the rights to view your journal.


In searching for a new way to organize my learning plan for this assignment, I went on a several day journey (off and on as per usual) reviewing various task and goal management apps and websites. As you can see below, I ended up with a great graphic organizer from MS Word. I tried a Voo2Do project (find out more about this tool at http://www.voo2do.com) but decided against posting it here. I do, however, plan to do a later post reviewing some of my findings from that journey, and will include Voo2Do as part of that process.

Listed below, in order of strongest to weakest coaching roles, is my learning plan for online coaching. Each role has what I need to do to gain or strengthen that role and how I will take action to do so.

Four Roles Plan for Online Teaching

Module 7 – Assignment 7.3 for LEC4 course