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Last year, I applied for and was offered a chance to moderate for the AET group! Having been through the AET Train the Trainer course twice, I was thrilled when this opportunity came before me, and it was at the same time that another idea came to fruition! During a couple webinars from Adobe, I talked to fellow AET’s and moderators about having a group within AET specifically for Instructional Designers and other Developers/Trainers. I posted a discussion item in the AET group to see if any others were interested and within a few days had over 70 responses! Melissa Oldrin was instrumental in giving that idea traction and building my confidence to move it forward. Thank you again, Melissa! With Melissa’s guidance, and the expressed interest, we moved forward to start that group! We added another experienced AET who partners with me to provide related content, so we benefit from her knowledge, expertise and perspective as well. After developing and publishing a survey to the group, we found areas of interest and focused our efforts there…the top six areas were:

  • Digital Media
  • Course Design
  • Curriculum Development
  • Technology Integration
  • Assessment
  • Universal Design

So far we have been posting discussions and resources in a few of these areas, and will do so regularly throughout our terms as moderator.

I am excited about this opportunity, and plan to link posting here and there together to set a more regular posting schedule. As I get into things at SCC, I am finding more relevant and timely topics to discuss…as I worked to post I realize I needed to find more purposeful experiences to write about. So glad I found it, and I look forward to connecting with other professionals during that process!


Back in Action!

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How many of those types blog titles do you see? (“I am back”, “Sorry for the delay”, etc.) Well, a couple from me this year, but I am back! The last 6 months have been a wild but rewarding ride! I am still adapting to new experiences and processes in my role here at SCC, but I feel I am starting to get to a point where I know how I can better contribute to the blogosphere. \0/ Hooray!

This will be a short post but I do want to clue you in on a few ideas I would like to write about in the coming weeks:

  • I went to the AHG conference in Colorado last month. LOTS of great resources on online learning and accessibility in general.
  • Universal Design for Learning – this has been a focus recently and I have some resources to share. I also look forward to hearing from YOU and any additional tools/resources you have!
  • Adobe – always great things to share from the Adobe Education Exchange, as well as an exciting update from me!

Stay tuned. Even if I do not write, please know I am always thinking of things to share and talk about…now that I know more about what my responsibilities are in my new-ish role here at SCC, I feel more confident about how much (and when) I can post.

Let’s Talk soon!

eLearning Course

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(side note: normally I would not go 3 months without a post..I am lucky that I am just starting out with this blog, but still want to apologize to my Followers for the lack of content. I blame it on the cold! haha)

This week started a new 8-week course from Adobe for me and what I am sure are hundreds (thousands?) of others across the world. Last year I wrote about my experience in the first Train the Trainer course and it honestly was a great experience. (Read this post via this link.) This round I am very excited because the focus is on eLearning! Visit and search for Elements and eLearning. Here is a short description from the Adobe Ed Exchange about this course:

If you currently train or seek to train teachers who have little to no familiarity with digital media or online learning, this course is for you. Over eight weeks, you’ll explore interactive content that will prepare you to train educators on the Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements products as well as Adobe’s powerful eLearning tools, Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter. You’ll become familiar with Adobe Education’s support for trainers as you explore the important role digital skills and creativity play in the classrooms of today and tomorrow. Finally, you’ll engage in a peer-based interactive professional development design curriculum that will take your trainings to the next level.

Did I mention this is FREE?? I will not deny there is a fair amount of work and time required but, like anything, you get what you put into it…I noticed last year when I got into a routine and spent time on the lessons and participated in the Live Sessions it was a rewarding experience. Bottom line, I say join and try it out. If things get to hectic you can leave and join the course again in the Summer if that works better for your schedule-it will be offered July-August 2015.

Adobe Train the Trainer Reflection


Week 8, and the final week, of the Adobe Trainer the Trainer course ended last week. The unexpected benefits that I wrote about when I started, continue. These benefits did not come without effort, nor are they overstated. This is fact, and I am proud of the work and effort that I (and the Adobe Education Exchange community) put into it.

I await final approval of my work in class and final project, but feel confident that my learning plan for teaching iOS apps from Adobe meets the requirements set by the course. Although an “expected” benefit, I am happy to have that plan in my arsenal if ever the opportunity to present it ever arises. 

I met a lot of great people and was involved in a vibrant community of educators and others invested in learning more about Adobe and designing/facilitating training on their products. I followed many of these people on Twitter as a result, and look forward to networking with them in the future and sharing educational tools.  From the course and many of those individuals, I now have a strong, organized toolbox on which to build my knowledge of Adobe products and training in general. I have started to add many of these resources and tips to this blog in posts and links.

Towards the end of the course, I was invited to be an Adobe Campus Leader (ACL). I had heard about the opportunity this past spring and was interested in learning more. The ACL is a great opportunity and I truly look forward to learning more about the Adobe products and sharing my experience and knowledge with others. What an exciting, and definitely unexpected benefit! Now, I want to be clear…although I am a part of this program, and receive all the related benefits I am not becoming a one-act blog on one topic. I fully recommended and support the ACL program and utilization of Adobe products as being a part of one’s own “toolbox”. I have used Adobe products for years, some more than others, for media applications and web design. I look forward to discussions here on ideas, tips, and best practices on this and other topics in Ed Tech and Design.


Adobe Train the Trainer 2014:Unexpected Benefits

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I am half way thru the Train the Trainer course developed and managed by Adobe Education. Check out for more information and to keep an eye out for their next offering! So far, I have had a great time! Not just for the expected refresher on Education Theory and Adobe software, but also the unexpected effects! I have always had an interest to expand my training and instructional design experience, and through talking with other T4T members and staff I have a renewed and even more motivated interest! If that makes sense…hope it does.

I have been analyzing my “brand” as it relates to my professional interests. While still a work in progress, it feels great to be back at it in a more regular fashion. Having the weekly assignments and community chats gives me a guaranteed time to check in and take action. I can say that after 4-5 weeks I have definitely increased the attention spent on this area. As I alluded to earlier, I have always been interested in doing more and better defining my Professional persona but this has already proven to be more productive. Whether at work, or on my own, I have periodically posted to Twitter or shared interesting articles…but just in the last month I have:

  • Networked with countless educators and others in Education
  • Followed many of the same on Adobe Ed Ex and Twitter
  • Revised my personal blog and added this, a new PROFESSIONAL blog
  • Started analyzing my skills and experiences as it relates to my professional brand

I look forward to the next month (and beyond) to what I will experience and the people I will meet!!!