Designers for Learning course – Take 2


Last I wrote, I was taking part in the Canvas course ‘Instructional Design Service course: Gain Experience for Good’. I went all the way through the course but you may have noticed a lack of a “Yay, I finished!” and ..”here’s how it went.” post. The fact is that although I did finish the content for the course, I let my perfectionist tendencies get the better of me for my final project. Le-sigh. (that is pseudo French for Sigh, btw) Rather than rush through it and put a less than stellar plan out there, I decided to take the course again and do it right. My chance to do just that starts next week, so wish me luck. OR, better yet JOIN ME! Sign up here for the course ( and see for yourself. 🙂

So stay-tuned again, but this time it will be a finished product one way or another.

One thought on “Designers for Learning course – Take 2

  1. So glad you are back! I can’t wait to hear your impressions of some “tweaks” we’ve made over the summer. And yes … “perfection is the enemy of good / done” as I say to myself about 20 times per day 🙂

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