Update on Designing for Good course


This post is an update on the last post I wrote  on the Designing for Good MOOC I am taking. I think we are at approximately the half-way point in the 12-week course. I continue to be impressed with the discussions and how much I am learning (and even better applying)!

As in most courses, there are discussion boards and whether I am posting an assignment, a reflection, or just a random question I always get a response from either an instructor or another participant. In my opinion, when the experience it the opposite it is quite a downer. Not the case here. I am continually engaged during any discussion experience.

Happy dance and rainbows, I am learning and applying various aspects from the course on a regular basis! Although I have experience working with adults from past and current jobs, I do not know much about Adult Basic Education (ABE). In designing our lesson, we are using the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS). These were recently updated and as I wrote in the last post, there is a huge need for resources for instructors to use that align to them. Although it took some time to get a basic understanding how the CCRS are arranged, I am glad to have the guidance when writing my objectives and planning learning outcomes, etc. When this course is finished, I will be so glad to have another example of work I have done and better yet, to have contributed to another OER!

This course is also a great review of the Creative Commons and copyright areas. With more and more content being made available each day, it is very important to know and be able to use those resources in the manner they were intended. Not everything that is out there is free to use however you want and not everything has strict copyright. Those of us that use available content should give credit and respect the rights given to it. The ‘Do Unto Others…’ saying applies well here. If the guidelines are recognized, everybody wins!

I would like to encourage those interest to check out the free courses available on Canvas.net. The first two I have been a part of have been well-thought out and a good experience so far! Be sure to let me know if you find good ones!

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