An Opportunity to Design for Good? Yes, Please!

instructional design

In the midst of settling into new work routines and projects, I still wanted to have an avenue for creative discussion and learning…I have (and will, as long as they will have me, haha) done this through the Adobe EdEx but still want to grow my network in other areas. Now I have added one more branch to that network AND have the opportunity to learn and to contribute to Open Educational Resources for Adult Basic Education!

screen grab of the summary of the ID course in Canvas

Title and Summary from the course.


I have joined a 12-week course through Canvas that, as shown in the image above, will give me additional experience in instructional design while contributing to the body of knowledge available to learners and instructors in adult basic ed courses. Since the GED exam was updated in 2014, there is not a lot of resources that can be used and that align to the new standards. Enter this course…Win-Win! I gain more experience with a chance to contribute and the community gains another educational resource. I think both parties benefit quite well in this process!

I am just finishing Module One as I write this, but already am exciting for what we will all put together. I have met a few of the volunteers (yes, volunteers) that designed this course, and put what I am sure was a TON of time and efforts to building it. Again, thank you!! Read more about them on the Designers for Learning Team Page.

I would like to post each week of the course, but will strive for regular updates as I go through it. I want to promote this idea, and the work that has and will come from it!

NOTE: There is still a chance to sign up for this course today! Registration closes March 4th.

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