Back in Action!

Adobe, eLearning

How many of those types blog titles do you see? (“I am back”, “Sorry for the delay”, etc.) Well, a couple from me this year, but I am back! The last 6 months have been a wild but rewarding ride! I am still adapting to new experiences and processes in my role here at SCC, but I feel I am starting to get to a point where I know how I can better contribute to the blogosphere. \0/ Hooray!

This will be a short post but I do want to clue you in on a few ideas I would like to write about in the coming weeks:

  • I went to the AHG conference in Colorado last month. LOTS of great resources on online learning and accessibility in general.
  • Universal Design for Learning – this has been a focus recently and I have some resources to share. I also look forward to hearing from YOU and any additional tools/resources you have!
  • Adobe – always great things to share from the Adobe Education Exchange, as well as an exciting update from me!

Stay tuned. Even if I do not write, please know I am always thinking of things to share and talk about…now that I know more about what my responsibilities are in my new-ish role here at SCC, I feel more confident about how much (and when) I can post.

Let’s Talk soon!

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