Updates – Summary of New Job Events


I cannot express accurately enough in words (maybe a little dance? No…no…no one wants that…But if I could it would be an awesome Happy Dance!) how welcome the last couple months have been… sure, at times they may have been exhausting, but certainly TOTALLY worth it!

Here is a short summary:

  • I got set up in our office and have my laptop and desktop almost where I want them as far as organization and hacks…come on, if you know me at all, this should not be a surprise that this takes me some time. 😉
  • I took the Quality Matters APPQMR course and passed it. Yay!
  • I am taking the Quality Matters PRC course now, and should have that completed within the next week or so.
  • I attended the Minnesota eLearning Summit just last week. A two day conference that focused on Open Education Resources, Accessibility, Instructional Design, faculty support, and much more! I hope to post on that experience alone (and share some resources) soon. Like within the next month…
  • I have met a lot of the staff and faculty here at SCC, and I hope to remember more names as time goes on! I am pretty sure I had the ‘dear in the headlights’ look as I met more and more, haha.
  • I researched and then evaluate several web-based project management platforms and presented them to our team. After selecting one from a short list, we chose Smartsheet. I will upload my comparison in another post, too. Again, goal for that is within the next month.
  • I am now focusing on developing a training database for our team. Some ideas and topics were already flushed out on this, so I am reviewing that and putting together a project plan and timeline as next steps.

Readers, keep me honest. Now that I have experiential data on technology and design topics, I want to post regularly and have discussions on them as well. So feel free to send Tweets or comment as needed…

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