Career Update – BIG NEWS!


A full month without a post. Sorry. I do have a REALLY good reason for that, however…I have achieved a career goal! I was offered and accepted a new position! I will now be the Instructional Technology Designer for South Central College! I am beyond excited and look forward to the work I will do with faculty in the area of technology and course design!  So…the last month for me has been a whirlwind of interview preparations and the actual interview – all the while working at what is now a previous job that was busy getting things ready for the Summer changes.

What does this mean for this blog? Well, I hope readers will find a more streamlined experience that focuses on topics in education, technology, and design. Although my focus will more often switch to HigherEd in those areas, much of what I write about is still likely to be relevant to K12. Plus, I worked in K12 for so many years…it will be tough to turn that off completely! 🙂 It was and always will be important to me to publish posts about topics that others can benefit from and share with their networks.

So stay tuned! I will write again, but probably not until July. I have a feeling there will be so many topics that I will want to write about!

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