LEC4: Module 6 Reflection-Technology and Assessment


This module has explored the use of technology tools for both formative and summative assessment. As you think about how you will implement formative and summative assessments in the online and blended environments, what are some of the factors you need to consider?

As I describe below, there are a lot of great tools to use for both formative and summative assessments in online and blended environments. After having reviewed several web 2.0 and other online tools, I have two main reflections:

  1. Critical Reviews are a MUST!
    1. With so many options, it is important to review each tool carefully. Of course, no one has enough time to do a thorough review of every tool they find but doing so with a few top choices will save time in the long run. The advertising and cute videos may hook you quick, but make sure each tool does what you need it to do.
  2. Try Before you Buy (or download).
    1. Review videos on their website as well as reviews and videos from others who have used the tool. Even before trying out the software or app, you can sometimes exclude it based on that review.
    2. If your initial reviews check out, then download or install it for yourself. Make a teacher and a demo student account (if applicable) and go through a few use cases (examples of how you and the students would use the tool). My own experience in reviewing web 2.0 tools for this course included keeping a pros and cons list for each tool and then comparing each to find which tool best fit the activity. Having a few tools available helped focus my thinking and what tool worked best for each type of activity.

Time is well spent by going through these reviews and trials. It may seem difficult to spend so much time on just that part, but the better you know the tool, the better it will fit your (and your students) needs. Of course, I am not recommending doing this on a daily basis, but on a regular basis for sure…new tools are being developed all the time!

Module 6 Review of Online Assessment Tools

There are so many tools out there and it can get overwhelming, but after choosing a few options and then comparing them…I have a winner! I am going to try out ClassKick. From their website (http://getclasskick.com)-“As students work on a teacher-made Classkick assignment on their iPads, teachers see every students’ work progressing all at once. Students can privately raise hands, teachers give individualized, real-time student feedback, and so much more.” Sounds interesting and fun! From Tuttle’s Stages of Formative Assessment, this tool will allow students responses, allow the teacher to monitor and diagnose the responses, also allows the teacher to share feedback based on the diagnosis, it allows the student to immediately receive that feedback and hopefully learn from it but it does not seem to report growth.

I want to play with it some more and will report back with any interesting tidbits or experiences. I plan to use it in my iPad classes or maybe even in the 1:1 for additional practice after the class. Since my classes are typically less than 10 people, it should work out great. I could see this being a lot to manage for a larger class, however. But still valuable.

For those interested, my other choices were Kahoot, Verso, and Infuse Learning. Sadly I learned that IL is ending on April 3rd. So sad too, such a fun tool!!

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