LEC4: Module 3 Reflection-Web 2.0 and Bloom’s Taxonomy


Write a post that briefly describes the activity you would create and how you might minimize possible challenges students and the teacher might have to address. Make sure that your activity is aligned to a learning objective, and uses verbs from the top three levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Background Information: A regular series of courses I teach through Community Education is on Computer Literacy. It is a basic to intermediate level course (depending on the skills and experiences of the student) that covers basic computer, email and internet skills. The activity I describe below would more than likely be in the intermediate level course since the student would need at least a basic level of skill using the computer and internet. The tool used in this activity is EDpuzzle, a web 2.0 tool that will allow them to design and produce a video complete with quiz questions. With EDpuzzle teachers can select videos, edit them down, assign them to students, and quiz them as they watch. As in the activity below, students can create videos as well.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

PART ONE: The student will design a plan for a 2-3 minute video on a piece of computer hardware (printer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, tablet, etc.) using a word processing or diagram tool of their choice.

PART TWO: The student will produce their video.

PART THREE: Once the video is created, the student will use EDpuzzle to make an interactive quiz containing at least three questions for the viewer.

To introduce the process, I will design and produce a video of my own on a computer-related topic. I will get students set up with an account in EDpuzzle, and assign the video. Through this experience they will become familiar with what is expected for their final product. I will make sure they have access to EDpuzzle either on a tablet or a computer, and give them class time to work on it, if needed. Since our classes do not meet every day, clear expectation will be needed to avoid confusion or incomplete projects. To ensure understanding of the project objectives, I will make available online and in paper form (if needed) the detailed instructions of the project. For the student, this experience will give them an opportunity to take the knowledge of a particular piece of computer hardware that they know well, and through the video show that understanding. Students may struggle with finding a topic, but with guidance and encouragement, we will find something they can work on with confidence. Sometimes the students come to the class with a friend or family member, so in that case it may work to have them complete the project in pairs. Depending on the size of the class, they will also be able to view and engage with their classmates and their videos.

At the completion of the project, I will give feedback on each one and since we do not deal in grades, congratulate them as to the level of completion of the lesson objectives. Being able to design and produce the video and the applicable quiz items will show they have a higher level of understanding of that piece of computer hardware.

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