Adobe Train the Trainer Reflection


Week 8, and the final week, of the Adobe Trainer the Trainer course ended last week. The unexpected benefits that I wrote about when I started, continue. These benefits did not come without effort, nor are they overstated. This is fact, and I am proud of the work and effort that I (and the Adobe Education Exchange community) put into it.

I await final approval of my work in class and final project, but feel confident that my learning plan for teaching iOS apps from Adobe meets the requirements set by the course. Although an “expected” benefit, I am happy to have that plan in my arsenal if ever the opportunity to present it ever arises. 

I met a lot of great people and was involved in a vibrant community of educators and others invested in learning more about Adobe and designing/facilitating training on their products. I followed many of these people on Twitter as a result, and look forward to networking with them in the future and sharing educational tools.  From the course and many of those individuals, I now have a strong, organized toolbox on which to build my knowledge of Adobe products and training in general. I have started to add many of these resources and tips to this blog in posts and links.

Towards the end of the course, I was invited to be an Adobe Campus Leader (ACL). I had heard about the opportunity this past spring and was interested in learning more. The ACL is a great opportunity and I truly look forward to learning more about the Adobe products and sharing my experience and knowledge with others. What an exciting, and definitely unexpected benefit! Now, I want to be clear…although I am a part of this program, and receive all the related benefits I am not becoming a one-act blog on one topic. I fully recommended and support the ACL program and utilization of Adobe products as being a part of one’s own “toolbox”. I have used Adobe products for years, some more than others, for media applications and web design. I look forward to discussions here on ideas, tips, and best practices on this and other topics in Ed Tech and Design.


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